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Small Dog Minding In My Home.

My name is Gillian and I live with my husband Jim in the town of Canungra just 20 minutes West of Nerang on the Gold Coast. We have always loved dogs and for over 35 years we have had 4 Maltese that have been a great source of joy in our lives. Tammy and Smoochie died just over 18 years ago at the ages of 15 1/2 and 14. Shortly after that we became parents to little Pebbles, another beautiful Maltese who unfortunately died recently.

I love to look after small dogs whilst their owners enjoy a holiday away. We call it 'My Pets Paradise here'. I decided to do this as a service to those people who like me, hate leaving their little one locked away in a cage in a Boarding Kennel. There are no cages here! We are not a Boarding Kennel but offer individual dog minding in our own home whilst their owners are away.

  How It All Happened. 

Our little Maltese Pebbles, who has now gone, just loved having the run of our house and the outdoors and I couldn't bear to see her locked up whilst we are away on holidays so I always had a friend look after her in their own home or our home if they would like a holiday here. Not everyone has a reliable friend who can do that so I decided to give others the opportunity of having their precious little one cared for by a loving family and having the run of our own home and garden, and it is so much better than having your little one caged away in a kennel. 

Sometimes it can be hard finding someone to care for your little dog as well as you would, and it can be a big problem if the friend may forget to give any medication as we had in one instance with our little Maltese Tammy, some years ago. Tammy had a heart problem and needed her medication every day but our friend neglected to do it. As a result, our beautiful little Tammy had a seizure when we arrived home from our holiday and was never the same since and had to be put to sleep a year later. It was so sad. 

   What Do We Offer? 

We have a lovely home in Canungra overlooking the Canungra Creek and are 20 minutes from the outskirts from the Gold Coast. Our visiting dogs have a great times when they come here they think they are in heaven not locked in a kennel! I take them for walks and they can come and go all day long as they please in and out of the house.

We do offer a pick-up and delivery service on the Gold Coast for a small extra cost. My charges are very reasonable and if a client has specific needs for their pet we work that out as well. Every dog we take in is on some different diet or food so we ask that you bring along what your little one normally eats including snacks.

      Do I Take All Dogs?

I only take small dogs and they can come and go in and out as they please preferably under six kilos. We have a doggie door in the family room and another in the laundry and a fully secured backyard so none of our little friends can get out. 

    How Long Can they Stay?

We have a few regular customers who leave their doggies here, some for just a weekend, some for a month, we can always work out the best to suit you. All our clients have been more than happy and their little dogs really enjoy their stay. I might add that we do not have several dogs here at the same time and sometimes we can go for weeks without anyone here, it's usually one one or two when we have an overlap, it suits us as we can give quality time to each doggie. 

The only requirements are that the little dog is toilet trained inside, is not a continuous barker and does not sleep in my bed, I do like my own space at bedtime. Just browse through my photos and if you are interested in having your little one stay here and have a holiday then just contact me back. I will be only too happy to help.

What Does It Cost? 

 I charge $25.00 PER CALENDAR DAY 

 Very reasonable when you consider what  a kennel costing is and confined to a cage. 


  (The total included the day of check-in and check-out.)

  I don't charge any extra for peak holiday season or long weekend. 

  We include regular daily walks, grooming & brushing and bathing once a week at no extra costs.

I do offer a pick-up and delivery service for a little extra cost from the Gold Coast only.

For more information: 

Phone: 07 5543 5850

Thanks for looking at my web-site.