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Our Sad News

We have some very sad news. It was with very heavy hearts that on 4th April 2016 we lost our beautiful Pebbles. She was 15 years and 5 months old. 

In the previous 6 months she was not well and was treated with antibiotics but suddenly she developed a small pea sized lump near her vulva, it grew quickly and in one week it was the size of a 50 cent piece. An operation was suggested but at her age it was out of the question, we couldn't put her through it and the operation may have killed her anyway. It was diagnosed as a mammary tumor but by the end of two weeks it was the size of a large egg. She was finding it hard to sit down and it was obvious she was in a lot of discomfort and we had to make a dreadful decision and had to have her put to sleep. It's one of the worst and hardest decisions we've had to make and the whole day before we took her to the vet at 3.45 I just cried and cried. We sat with her under the patio for most of the day and Pebbles sat between my legs on the outdoor lounge the looked back towards me into my eyes, at that moment she looked so bright and I couldn't bear to think that in a couple of hours shed no longer be with us. We both loved that little dog so much....death is so cruel.

The drive to the vets was awful, a friend Tami drove us down and we all sat in the room whilst he ended her life. It was quick and peaceful, I was holding her whilst he put her to sleep, and we were all in tears as we said our goodbyes. We brought our beautiful Pebbles home wrapped in her favourite rug and buried her outside the bedroom and lounge room windows and placed a big round tub over the top and planted petunias in it. Every day I say good morning to her and goodnight at the end of the day. 

Life if so different at home now without her, she's not there to greet us when we come home after being out, jumping up and down, playing with her little doggie toy ( which is also buried with her). We miss her excitement when she knew we were going for a walk or ride in the car, rushing to meet visitors when they'd turn's so quiet now without her. We have so many beautiful memories of our beautiful little girl, although she's no longer here she lives on in our hearts. For now we won't be getting another little dog, it was too hard losing her and we don't feel we can go through it again so will be content pouring out our love and attention on any little doggy house guests that come to stay. RIP our gorgeous Pebbles 6/12/200 to 4/4/2016