My Album My Album Our home in Canungra This is where we live overlooking the Canungra Creek 11564173 Jim & I Jim and I at a convention 11571244 Our Dining Room What can we say about a dining room! Where we eat! 11564174 Our Family Room 11565038 Our Living Room 107571384 Our Loungeroom Where we relax at night 11565048 Our Tibouchina 11565036 The Canungra Creek This is the view we have overlooking the beautiful Canungra Creek 11565037 Galah's We have a variety of bird life that feed from our food bowls 11565047 Pebbles and Reggie Reggie visits with us at least 3 times a year and loves it 11565049 Ollie & Reggie 29747863 Ollie with Pebbles Ollie is also a regular house guest here and comes a number of time throughout the year 11565050 29747864 Pebbles with Reggie Pebbles with Reggis near my Petunias 11565039 Sophie Sophie loves her lamb loin chops...only the best for Sophie! 29747865 Pebbles I set Pebbles up on the loo! 11571237 Poley Napoleon is his real name...he is the quietest, most placid dog we've ever had come to visit 29747868 Susie Here is my husband trying to enjoy his sandwich with Susie covetting his lunch 29747869 The pup This little fellow was smuggled into a holiday appartment. It was soon found out so he came here for the remainder of his holiday 29747870 Susie Susie again looking longingly up at Jim for a peice of the sandwich 29747871 Pebbles Pebbles as a tiny pup, just a few weeks old 29747872 Pebbles with ther toy She loves to suck on its legs 29747873 Ollie looking quite relaxed 29747874 Tilly Tilly first came to stay as a small pup a few weeks old 29747875 Pebbles in her winter coat 29747878 Pebbles again This is Pebbles favourite toy, her baby maltese. 29747877 Pebbles relaxing 29748848 Our Patio 29748845 Our backyard 29748844 Back garden 29748846 Back garden again 29748847 Reggie cuddling up Reggie is a regular guest in our home and loves her cuddles especially after dinner. I just got into my PJ's when Jim decided to take this snap. 89373075 Reggie, Pebbles and I 89373076 Jim with Tiffany and Tuppence 89373078 Watching TV Tiffany & Tuppence came to stay and spent some time watching TV with Pebbles 89373079 Pebbles in her fur coat Looking very glamorous isn't she? 89373080